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mark dillard. >> now listen, you have to have her push hard to get the baby out. we need to get the baby out >> when he said that, it was pki >> push. tell her push. push. >> push, arlene. >> then when she finally realized that the baby was coming, she bucked up and she did great. >> in the meantime, the phone's on my shoulder and i'm over here, got all the blankets. >> reporter: then about seven minutes into the call -- >> i remember all i felt is this one sharp pain and she was already out. >> push, arlene. okay. the baby's out. >> the baby is out? okay. great. >> and with that lily ann was born. her delivery a first for both her grandmother and dispatcher. >> aw, cute little kid. she doesn't look like a grandma to me by any stretch. wow. i'm impressed on many levels by that story.
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>> she was so busy, you know, trying to do this that she didn't even have a chance to determine if it was with or without a handle. so when the dispatcher asked if without a handle. so when the dispatcher asked if it was a oy ir, f1 o >> you'vhroutwic it's a frantic moment even in the of >> here's a look at your weather around the country, everybo we have some goize tornadoes frxi tte mid-atlantic. rain in beantown and here in the big apple too. heavy snow from buffalo to maine, six fro minneapolisrgh, >> a wet 53 in seattle. 30s in omad detroit. boston 43. atlanta 63. well, when a cat got trapped in an underground vent, dallas animal control officers did what they're trained to do and tried rescuing the feline. but then they needed a rescue themselves. >> somehow the cat named rewind got stuck in a ventilation tunnel. six stories below ground. a rescuer climbed several
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ladders just to get to the tunnel, then crawled through the cramped space till she found the little feline. >> that rewind got scared and jumped into a pit. another rescuer went after the cat. now, yep, they're all trapped. but the fire department stepped in with ropes and pulled everyone out to safety. >> aw. >> that cat appreciates all the work that went into her safety and her rescue. >> mm. i don't know if she does. >> we'll be back with more exciting news after this. >> feline news. ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow [ female announcer ] there's a science
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well, the power of the internets, as we like to call
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it, has struck again. and a bizarre prank by a jilted ex-boyfriend who posted a fake craigslist ad. this guy is just wrong. >> this story is fun to hate. all right. the posting actually led to floods of text messages and even 15 men showing up at the victim's home expecting sex. can i come in? ktoa's reporter anita kissee has more on this. >> reporter: it's a story that almost makes you chuckle until you know the details. a jilted boyfriend allegedly posting fake ads on craigslist, pretending to be his pregnant ex-girlfriend, reportedly inviting men over to her northeast portland house to have sex.
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>> when you do that and you think it's funny, there's something wrong. >> reporter: the victim's mother doesn't want to be on tv. >> it's not funny. >> reporter: she's been >> r adad p: she's been men showed up alurk he got her address. >> he'd set up times for them to come over. >> reporter: the say flomo poatel people to come dig up trees rem pla 37 postings in all. detectives were able to trace that i.p. address not to flom but to his neighbor's hou then told detectives that he had not put a password on his wireless internet. >> you know, i have a hard time understanding it. i -- one, it's not what normal people do. you know, like if a relationship's over, it's over. you move on. and i mean, here he is, he's risking jail time. he's risking all this. for what? >> and what makes this even more unfunny is that the victim has a 2-year-old son who was home when those men showed up. and this guy you saw had been previously convicted of domestic violence. and after he was convicted, that is when the posts began.
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>> 37 posts, by the way. >> mm-hmm. >> get over it, dude. >> yeah. a little sad, man. come on. coming up next, all the global attention the stars will be getting in just a few days on the red carpet. >> the oscars are attracting reporters -- >> the askers? >> did i say askers? >> a little bit. >> sorry. what have i got on the brain? it's the weekend. the askers are -- >> all the excitement is coming up next from hurleywood. >> on the internets. . the askers are -- >> all the excitement is coming up next from hurleywood.
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reporters from around the globe in hollywood for the biggest night in showbiz. >> kabc's rob hayes has the details of the last-minute preps. >> reporter: talk about a kodak moment.
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signs at the former kodak theater were covered up. the iconic american film company ended its naming rights deal after filing for bankruptcy protection. but don't expect the show to suffer. oscar telecast director don misher says this year's ceremony with billy crystal at the helm will more than entertain. >> comedy is the main difference, like compared to last year's show. i mean, we have made a commitment to make it funny. and that's been reflected in our host. >> reporter: and so the oscar preps continue. crews setting the stage not just for the stars but for the people covering the stars. the camera risers are already tagged. spots claimed by tv stations from around the world. from italy to china to spain to latin america, the cameras are still rolling in. katya hayes is from russia. >> anything to do with american film is big in russia. and because people still watch a lot of american movies. >> it's the biggest story in iran. >> reporter: fanoud mokri flew in to cover the oscars from iran. >> an iranian film is nominated for best foreign film and movie, that's why people in iran are so excited. >> reporter: bettina von shimmelman works for an austrian tv network and has been covering the oscars for 12 years. >> for the international press
2:51 am
it's always super exciting. >> reporter: especially this year she says because of this film, "the artist," a silent film that has movie fans on the continent hoping for a best picture win. >> "the artist," since it's mainly a european movie, you know, super excited about that. >> reporter: maggie tong of china central tv has a big goal this oscar sunday. interview tom cruise. and for good reason. >> his "mission impossible 4" is in china right now. and i think has reached over 200 million in two days, the box office. >> reporter: rob hayes reporting for abc news. >> did that iranian journalist really say that this is the biggest thing going on in iran now? >> that i can't imagine. i think maybe there are a few other things going on that are a little more important in iran. but that story was amazing to me because it really does show the global reach of american culture and movies. it's amazing. and of course we will be there live on the red carpet. >> yes. we'll have to accept our oscar for -- >> for best television promo -- >> our asker. >> you did say asker a few minutes ago. that's all right.
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we'll let that slide. it is the end of the week. time for your "morning papers." and of course your friday polka when we come right back. the week. time for your "morning papers." and of course your friday polka when we come right back. we know a place where tossing and turning
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we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." as we said on the show during "morning papers" earlier this week, i joined twitter earlier this week for the first time. >> finally. >> i'm the last person on earth to do it. interesting story in the "daily mail." christopher stone, one of the four guys who founded twitter. obviously a gazillionaire now, he's worried about how much time people stay on twitter, some people stay logged on for 12 hours at a time. he said "to me that sounds unhealthy, you like the kind of engagement where you go to the website and leave because you found what you were looking for or you found something very interesting and you learned something. i think that's a healthier engagement." so even the founder of twitter saying hey, let it go, detweet every now and then. get off of it every now and then.
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>> okay. so if you're like me, maybe you're like sleeping intermittently, this is going to make you feel better. the bbc are saying unbroken eight hours of shuteye, sleep, uh-uh. sleep experts are making the case of broken sleep patterns. a historian says it's perfectly normal for slumber to be interrupted. one sleep expert even suggests broken nighttime patterns can help regulate stress. he tells people what they are experiencing is a throwback to the bimodal sleep pattern, when you -- >> let's hope so. here's your polka. ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars ♪ all the weather, all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow ♪ ♪ stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night ♪ you're wide awake ♪ and you're not wearing pants ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug ♪ ♪ everybody dance ♪ have some fun, be a pal ♪ every anchor guy and gal ♪ do the world news polka ♪ ukulele masters ♪
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this morning on "world news now" -- courtroom drama. an alabama judge acquits a man accused of killing his newlywed wife on their honeymoon. >> the ruling was so unusual the veteran prosecutor in the case says he hasn't seen anything like this in 41 years. it's friday february 24th. good friday morning, everybody. another tgi friday. always a good day around here. all across the world. people love their friday. i'm rob nelson. >> i love fridays. i love mondays, actually. >> what? >> i'm kidding. the ruling in this case which has been making headlines worldwide came before the
3:01 am
defense attorneys could even present their case. we're going to explain what happened and what the victim's family has to say now that the defendant gabe watson is cleared. >> very unusual case. the defense didn't get the chance to go. the jury never got the case. the judge obviously put the brakes on right in the middle of the trial. very, very strange. we'll get to that. also this morning, drama in the republican race for president again. now that rick santorum leads in many national polls, his opponents are in attack mode, even teaming up to attack him in fact. the nasty politics leading up to tuesday's big primaries in michigan and in arizona. and later this half hour, cracking down on co-workers who steal from the office refrigerator. we're going to show you a sting operation that led to theft charges against a cop, no less. >> is there an office worker in america who has not had something stolen out of the fridge, a soda, a frozen dinner, something like that? we've all been there. sorry about that. >> pizza. >> pizza. i took your something a couple weeks ago. but first, the stunning turn of events in the so-called honeymoon killer case. the prosecutor says the judge's decision to acquit gabe watson makes him sick because the decision cannot be appealed.
3:02 am
>> while watson's camp celebrates, his dead wife's family and friends are devastated. here's abc's larry jacobs. >> i'm going to grant the defense motion to -- >> reporter: the judge's ruling drew gasps from some, applause from others. gabe watson stood up a free man. watson was facing life without parole, charged with the murder of his wife, tina, on their australian honeymoon, 11 days after their marriage in 2003. when prosecutors rested their case, the judge agreed with the defense they had not met their burden of proof. >> we presented enough evidence in our opinion that this case should have gone to the jury. >> we hope that this decision by judge nail gives closure to everyone, to the thomas family, to the watson family. >> reporter: prosecutors said watson deliberately cut off tina's air supply as they went diving. watson told a very different story.
3:03 am
>> he said something happened. and tina -- tina started to panic. she swatted at his face. and knocked the mask off of his face. >> reporter: watson claimed by the time he replaced the mask his wife had sunk too deep for him to rescue her. prosecutors struggled to prove it was murder. one of their own experts called to prove their claim that watson took his time swimming to the surface when he should have been helping his dying wife ended up helping the defense. >> so in the snapshot we have a fairly rapid ascent to the surface by the wearer of the data transplus, correct? >> yes. >> one of tina's friends had blunt words for gabe watson. >> may god have mercy on your soul. >> reporter: watson left court with his second wife. larry jacobs, abc news. >> complicated case. >> and he faced life in prison if he was convicted of murdering his former wife. but the only eyewitness in this case testified that he thought watson was actually trying to save his wife at the time. >> and the judge said, look, you didn't prove that there was a
3:04 am
financial motive in all this because the dad was the one slated to get the insurance money, not the husband. so that's kind of compelling there as well. but bizarre. and the fact that the judge wouldn't let the trial proceed to the jury and verdict stage of it is also odd as well. >> he said not enough evidence. >> interesting. well, a trial that triggered a national debate over cyber bullying is set to begin today in new jersey. dharun ravi is accused of using a web cam to record his roommate having a sexual encounter with another man and then posting it on the internet. the roommate, tyler clementi, killed himself after that video went public. jurors will be asked to decide if what ravi did was a hate crime. also in court, rielle hunter has won ownership of a sex tape she made with former presidential candidate john edwards. hunter had sued to get the video and other documents back from a former edwards aide and his wife, the youngs. she lived with them when she was pregnant with edwards' child. the settlement allows the youngs to go ahead with a deal to make their story into a movie of course. >> can't wait to see that movie. and she has 30 days, rielle, to destroy that tape when she gets it.
3:05 am
it's often been said that politics makes strange bedfellows. so it should be no surprise at all that republican presidential candidates mitt romney and ron paul seem to be joining forces to gang up on front-runner rick santorum. abc's jonathan karl has more on this. >> reporter: rick santorum offered a lesson on presidential debates. specifically, what not to do. first, don't talk about how you put party politics above principles. >> i voted for that. it was against the principles i believed in, but you know, when you're part of the team sometimes you take one for the team, for the leader, and i made a mistake. [ booing ] you know, politics is a team sport, folks. >> reporter: second, don't sound like a big-spending washington insider. >> but i did say there were good earmarks and bad earmarks. >> i admit i voted for large appropriation bills and there were things in there i didn't
3:06 am
like, things i did. >> reporter: it played right into mitt romney's line of attack. >> while i was fighting to save the olympics, you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> reporter: and romney got a big assist from ron paul, who landed some of the hardest blows on santorum. >> you have a new television ad that labels him a fake. why? >> because he's a fake. >> reporter: it's not the first time paul has played romney's wing man. >> santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling five times. >> reporter: taking on romney's foes but almost never romney himself. in fact, back when rick perry looked like the biggest threat to romney, paul attacked him in the very first negative ad of this entire campaign. >> al gore found a cheerleader in texas named rick perry. >> reporter: and when it was gingrich who was threatening romney, paul savaged him as a serial hypocrite. amidst a crush of reporters, santorum suggested the two are in cahoots. >> you have to ask congressman paul and governor romney what they've got going. >> reporter: there's a lot of conspiracy talk about an agreement between the two candidates but absolutely no evidence of that. it may come down to just a matter of family. the candidates' wives have become close friends since they ran for president four years
3:07 am
ago. carol paul and ann romney. and apparently the candidates themselves at least on a personal level seem to like each other as well. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> also hopes out there that ron paul doesn't turn around and try to run as an independent a little bit down the road as well. >> the other conspiracy is that he's actually a mole within the gop to try to of course lambaste santorum or anybody that's going to take votes away eventually from mitt romney. all kinds of speculation out there right now. >> speculation. politics is a fascinating game. >> that's right. well, while the republicans bash each other, president obama is getting out ahead of at least one political landmine, those rising gas prices out there. stunning figures. appearing in miami, the president said the republican energy plan is simply to just drill, drill, and keep drilling while his plan is "all of the above but also includes domestic oil and gas exploration as well as alternate sources including
3:08 am
wind and solar." another killer avalanche in the western u.s., this time in utah. a snowboarder was buried under more than three feet of snow for nearly an hour. the 24-year-old salt lake city man triggered the avalanche yesterday afternoon near a ski resort's mountain peak. rescuers managed to dig him out and fly him to the hospital, but he died a short time later. >> heed those warnings, folks. well, that heavy snow blanketing the rockies is just one of many trouble spots we're actually seeing out there right now. 2/3 of the country, in fact, is getting slammed with some type of wild weather from mudslides to high winds, and 12 states now under winter watches and warnings from iowa over to maine. here's abc's sam champion. >> reporter: in what has been the third warmest winter on record, tornado season has come early. wednesday night an unusual february twister roared across northwest georgia. with 95-mile-an-hour winds damaging up to 100 homes. 71-year-old barbara washington died after suffering a heart
3:09 am
attack when the roof blew off her home. >> it seemed like it's just a dream or a nightmare. >> reporter: meanwhile, a powerful storm slammed into the northwest, with torrential rains, hurricane-force winds up to 88 miles an hour. toppling trees in colorado and tossing cars and trucks on the highway. take a look at this. a 100-foot mudslide in washington state nearly pushing this home into the raging pilchuk river. now a wintry blast is carving a path across the northern half of the country. already closing down major interstate highways. and now this winter-spring hybrid storm does a couple of things. it drives a line of heavy snow from the great lakes all the way into extreme northern new england. some powerful thunderstorms get kicked off into kentucky and tennessee. and at least 22 states have big wind advisories following. and with very little change in
3:10 am
the jet stream pattern expected through spring, forecasters are saying this looks like a tough season for spring storms. sam champion, abc news, new york. >> we've seen some awful storms in the midwest over the last 18 months or so. tornadoes in alabama and joplin. and we've seen all these things. it's the last thing folks want to hear-s a tough spring ahead in terms of more storms and possible tornadoes. >> plants, trees, flowers, don'trail know what to do with this weather. it was almost 70 degrees in our nation's capital and already cherry blossom trees are beginning to bloom. >> weird weather so many places. here's your friday forecast. six inches of snow in chicago and detroit. a dusting from minneapolis to louisville. up to a foot of snow from buffalo to northern new england. rain in new york, boston, and d.c. some severe storms, though, in the southeast. rain and heavy mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 53 in seattle. 75 in phoenix. 19 in fargo. 27 in the twin cities. near 40 in omaha. it's 52 in new york. a summer-like 86 in miami. do we have to mention them every single day? >> makes me jealous to mention miami every morning. gosh. all right. well, sharks swimming in a tank warily circling each other,
3:11 am
always ready to pounce, seems exciting enough you wouldn't toss anything else into that mix. you would think you don't have to. >> i have shark phobia. what's the official name for that? >> sharkphobia. >> scientists at san francisco's aquarium decided to add pajama sharks to the african penguin exhibit. as odd as it may seem, they say in the wild two species are part of the same ecosystem. and they say because the sharks only grow to be three feet long the penguins are actually a bigger threat to them. >> good luck with that one. >> small shark, big shark, they've got sharp teeth. >> good luck, happy feet. be safe in that tank. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. ♪ ♪ bored with your one trick lipstick?
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you know what i'm talking about. it is friday morning. time to look back at the week that was with the highlights and lowlights in our friday rewind. >> from "snl" spoofing linsanity to the president's golden voice. but we begin with that tragic day on the slopes out west. >> once the avalanche happened, everyone wait for the snow to settle and then immediately went to their rescue mode, using their avalanche beacons to locate their friends. >> these individuals were expert skiers. it's one of those things that nature is more powerful than we are. >> the president of the united states is exercising his values and trumping the values of the church. >> it's wrong. it's destructive. it makes it virtually impossible to solve the problems that we all face together as americans. >> i wasn't suggesting the president's not a christian. i accept the fact that the president's a christian. ♪ ain't no place
3:17 am
♪ sweet home chicago >> $70 to fill my car. yeah. it's out of hand. >> it affects your whole budget. you have to maintain how much you eat for the day and where you go. >> there was no intention by any member of isaf to defame the faith of islam or to desecrate precious religious materials of this faith. >> beating up on a woman is never okay. >> linsanity? >> you'd better lock me up. i mean, i am criminally linsane. >> oh, yeah. my feelings are lintense. >> it's lindescribable. i mean, i am literally lin love with this jeremy lin. >> people are always saying he's deceptively quick, deceptively athletic. and i don't know if that's just because i'm asian. >> this french actor that nobody had ever heard of, he's been winning a lot of awards. so i think that's the biggest race. >> i just wanted to see him. >> george is extremely well liked. and like it or not, that actually can matter. >> will you do me the honor of
3:18 am
becoming my wife? >> yes. >> i must admit, i don't know what that last clip was. >> i don't either. >> we've been here all week. someone will tell me later. but some cool stuff coming up next week as well. >> yeah. daytona 500 this week. we also have the nba all-star game. >> mid-season already. >> in orlando. >> also the razzie awards for the worst movies and worst performances of the year. and also next week something called international sword swallowers day. i don't know what that is. probably not what i'm thinking. >> swordfish. >> ah, yes. coming up, cracking down on the office thief. a workplace food thief caught in the act thanks to a police sting. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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i think you just had our i think you just had our favorite story of the day. here's our real favorite story of the day. >> boom. there it is. >> and something that everyone who shares a fridge at work can relate to. >> that's for sure. you open the fridge for whatever you brought from home, realize that the office snack clepto has taken the thing. here's abc's ryan owens with the true food police. >> reporter: every office has that shared sacred space where trust is all that keeps your sandwich out of your co-worker's mouth. that trust was violated in the break room of the deer park police department outside houston. for more than a year drinks disappeared, sandwiches vanished. the last straw?
3:21 am
>> we had the officer who had 60 pounds of deer sausage taken from the freezer. >> reporter: so frustrated officers did what they do best, set up a hidden camera sting. and just watch as one of their own, officer kevin yang, takes a monster energy drink with a detective's initials written on it. three days later someone's sandwich. four days later another monster. apparently, it was so good he came back the next day for yet another. when confronted, yang told detectives he was just cleaning out a dirty fridge. >> a lot of times we clean up the community refrigerator like once a week. everything you don't take by friday or certain date, everything gets thrown out. which we don't do here. >> reporter: yang was in court this afternoon to face theft charges. he's been suspended for 30 days. and when he gets back to work, his co-workers are sure to remind him, there's no such thing as a free lunch. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> and in the interest of full journalistic disclosure, that actually was our office fridge in the back, that disgusting fridge. >> i took a diet coke from it. >> did you really?
3:22 am
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call this toll-free number now. ♪ oh, finally this half hour -- >> it says paula. that's your line. >> let's see if you've already watched the oscar nomt the movies. >> there are a few noteworthy movies coming out this weekend starting with tyler perry's comedic film called "good deeds." the plot is he plays this guy named wesley who's a pretty successful very wealthy businessman and he's running his -- taking over his father's company. he is engaged to the beautiful gabrielle union, a character named natalie, but along the way here he kind of runs into lindsay, who's a housekeeper in his office building.
3:26 am
she's also a single mom a little bit down on her luck. so he decides to befriend her, do a good deed, as the title implies. and it kind of ignites a very unexpected life change. take a listen. >> nobody's here most of the year. you can just live here as long as you need to. >> i can't. >> i know that you're proud. i know that you're used to doing everything on your own. sometimes even the best of us, we all need a little help. >> mm-hmm. proud and fine. thandie newton in this cast. gabrielle union, thandie newton. no rating yet from rotten tomatoes but so far mixed reviews saying it's a little weak. it is a departure from the usual madea, which is good for some folks. might want to check it out. >> speaking of fine, jennifer aniston and her new movie "wanderlust," which of course is how she met her current boyfriend justin theroux, who's also in the film. but it's about jennifer aniston and paul rudd. he loses his job in manhattan. so they're forced to move into his brother's place in atlanta. but along the way they stumble upon this little community of hippies, free love, but apparently they're not lovers of
3:27 am
money. take a listen. >> just remember, money buys nothing. >> well, nothing important. right? >> no, no. money literally buys nothing. >> i think you mean metaphorically. >> no, literally. nothing. >> well, literally money buys most things. >> no, nothing. are you saying that? >> well, i'm saying that literally -- >> but i'm saying literally money buys nothing. >> you're right. money pays for nothing. >> that's right. >> so rotten tomatoes has given it a 64% rating. so not bad. but here it is. "the laughter is served up naughty and nice and frequently au natural." >> the laughter's au natural? >> they're talking about, you know, because you -- there's probably a little birthday suit action going on. >> oh, there's a little adult flavor to it. well -- >> a little bit of adult flavor. >> that's not bad.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- international firestorm. angry muslims planning the biggest anti-american protests yet today on this day of prayer. >> furious afghans have been demonstrating for days after american soldiers say they burned korans by mistake. it's friday february 24th. good friday morning, everyone. it's friday february 24th. good friday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. happy friday, everybody. well, president obama has apologized to the people of afghanistan. but the demonstrators say that is not enough. after an afghan soldier shot and killed two u.s. soldiers, the tense situation is very far from resolved. >> and it could get even worse today. also this morning, what may
3:31 am
have led up to the mid-air collision of two american military helicopters that left seven dead in war exercises in the arizona desert. the pilot's special nightvision goggles could be to blame. >> seven lives gone so quickly in that tragedy. also later in this half hour, have you made your academy awards picks just yet? of course the big show coming up sunday. we have to get ready to compile our list of winners with yours later on in this half hour. we're picking three categories, and we kind of deviate on two of the three, which is good. >> and we have a little side bet, too. we'll let you in on it. >> very good bet. but first to afghanistan and a new day of rage against america. the protests have exploded since u.s. troops burned copies of the koran. and yesterday they turned deadly. >> american officials, even the president have made every possible apology, but none of them has cooled the flames. especially with the taliban still feeding the fire. abc's nick schifrin reports now from kabul. >> reporter: for three days since u.s. soldiers mistakenly
3:32 am
burned those korans, afghan fury has been fierce. it spread to all corners of the country and inside a u.s. base. an afghan soldier shot and killed two u.s. troops. he escaped into a crowd of anti-u.s. protesters. and two of those protesters were killed by soldiers guarding the base. a written apology from president obama himself failed to pacify the crowds. today are traditional friday prayers, and demonstrations are expected to grow even larger and more violent. even in areas where the taliban have little influence afghans called for the death of americans. "apologies," he says, "are not enough." at another u.s. base protesters threw rocks and tried to storm the walls. afghan soldiers responded with bullets but couldn't prevent protesters from raising a white taliban flag on the base's outer wall. nick schifrin, abc news, kabul. >> politicians chiming in on twitter about this one, too. >> newt gingrich says, "there
3:33 am
seems to be nothing that radical islamists can do to get barack obama's attention in a negative way. he's consistently apologizing to people who don't serve the apology of the president of the united states, period." he says, "and frankly, if the president of afghanistan doesn't feel like apologizing then we should say good-bye and good luck, we don't need to be here risking our lives and wasting our money on somebody who doesn't care." >> sarah palin too tweetding as well. she didn't like the idea of the president apologizing. keep in mind a similar apology came from president bush back in 2008 when an american serviceman shot a koran in afghanistan. the same country, too. and also this very sensitive time do we want to further inflame the muslim world and put more troops' lives in danger? should we not have apologized and showed some graciousness when we are the ones who did mess up and burn their holy book? how would we have reacted had they burned the bible here? so many sides to this. >> but it's frightening that the taliban is now urging afghanistan -- those in afghanistan to actually kill foreign troops, claiming they will be heroes now. >> and today could be even worse, as we said. well, dozens of western and arab countries will meet today
3:34 am
in tunisia to try and stop the bloodshed in syria. fresh pictures from inside that country show that nothing has stopped the government's brutal assault on its own citizens there. secretary of state hillary clinton actually previewed today's meeting, saying the group will demand that syrian president bashar assad implement an immediate cease-fire and also allow humanitarian aid into his country. brazilian aeronautical authorities are looking into why a rescue chopper fell apart just moments after landing. the helicopter had just touched down when it started furiously vibrating, and then it just broke apart. look at that. experts believe ground resonance is probably to blame. that's when an aircraft's rotor continues to turn after it's on the ground. well, southern california's military community has been rocked by a horrifying helicopter crash that left seven marines dead. >> investigators will be digging through the wreckage of two marine choppers to figure out
3:35 am
why they slammed into each other during a routine training exercise. abc's diana alvear is in los angeles with the latest. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and paula, good morning. seven families are grieving the worst kind of loss after a marine exercise went wrong. they were preparing to deploy to war. seven marines never made it. while training wednesday night in arizona, two helicopters collided in mid-air, killing all on board. six of them are from camp pendleton. one from marine corps air station yuma. >> we would expect that at a war time, but it's really equally just painful when it happens in a practice training situation. >> reporter: this is the range near yuma. marines train here because the terrain is similar to that of afghanistan and other current theaters of war. experts say the nighttime maneuvers they perform are incredibly difficult. the complexity compounded by the use of nighttime vision goggles. >> the problem is these nightvision goggles have a very, very narrow field of view, which is not much more than you would look through a soda straw.
3:36 am
it limits the peripheral vision. so the ability to see left and right while you're wearing these nightvision goggles is very limited. >> reporter: despite two other helicopter crashes during training last year that killed three and injured five, experts say safety records have improved greatly. >> as dangerous as combat is, to be able to succeed in it the things we do back here trainingwise do have a lost inherent risk in them. >> reporter: without these live fire exercises in real-time conditions they say marines face a greater risk of death in actual combat. the military is in the process of notifying the victims' families, and the collision is under investigation. rob, paula? >> thanks, diana. you think nightvision goggles are such an asset to have. i didn't realize the field of vision was that narrow, that they really don't see much beyond that narrow little tunnel. >> of course the u.s. military and its allies, they train in that desert because the conditions are similar to iraq and afghanistan. >> a sad story. moving on now, american
3:37 am
pilots looking for work might find some new jobs overseas in china. in fact, ten chinese airlines hosted a job fair down in miami, hoping to snag as many experienced pilots as possible. more than 1,000 pilots facing uncertain futures in a struggling u.s. airline industry actually showed up to that event yesterday. they're being lured by much higher salaries if they're willing to uproot their lives and move across the globe. >> i'm hopeful that there's other airlines out there that can appreciate experienced pilots. >> there's a pilot shortage in china, especially our airline, and a good opportunity in u.s. >> with china's recent economic explosion they may need up to 18,000 new pilots, in fact, over the next decade in that country. higher salaries. hey, who can blame them in tough times? well, the once mighty retailer sears is making even more tough decisions after reporting a major loss. the retailer lost nearly $2.5 billion in the final quarter of last year. so sears will sell off its home town and outlet stores to cut expenses. it will also sell 11 stores to a real estate company. back in december sears had announced it would close 120
3:38 am
stores nationwide. the family of a football player who committed suicide has filed a wrongful death suit against the nfl. dave duerson suffered at least three concussions during his career, causing brain damage. he killed himself last year at the age of 50. duerson's family claims the league knew that concussions led to brain damage but deliberately concealed that information from everyone. >> he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest so that they could actually perform a study on his brain. well, nascar driver danica patrick walked away from an accident in a qualifying heat ahead of sunday's daytona 500. she was in the final lap with just two turns to go when she and another driver went off the track. her car smashed into the wall. she said she suspects she was
3:39 am
just caught up in a chain reaction and she's going to have to use her backup car in sunday's race. she's trying to spin it, joking that maybe the accident will turn out to be a blessing in big disguise. but you don't really want to use the backup car if you don't have to. >> she said the spectators may have had a better idea of what happened than she did. she said the crash felt pretty big to her. but you can imagine those moments you feel like you're losing control of that car, what that must feel like. so glad she's okay. >> here's your friday forecast. rain from northern california up to seattle. heavy snow in the cascades. snow from minnesota to maine. six inches in chicago and detroit. heavier snow in western new york and northern new england. rain from boston to d.c. hail and gusty winds from biloxi to the carolinas. >> 60s in dallas, new orleans, and hotlanta. 39 in detroit. 45 in kansas city. sacramento 71. albuquerque at an even 50. salt lake city just a little cooler at 46. a spelling bee lesson. you were -- you're good at spelling. >> i was pretty good. not bad. >> sixth grade spelling champ. well, red-faced school officials
3:40 am
in memphis are doing their best to explain an embarrassing spelling error. but not many people are buying it. >> yeah. that mix-up was on the marquee outside of a high school where the word "welcome" was actually spelled w-e-l-c-m-o-e. welcmoe. you can blame a faulty spell checker saying it was a typo. but this sign of course has no keyboard or computer. clearly human error at play here. the school's explanation, "reading is fundamental. spelling oftentimes is not." >> reading, writing, and arithmetic. >> it's always bad when it happens to a school. remember the street sign here in new york that spelled "school" wrong? back with more "world news now" after this. t-h-s-i. ♪ how to get an a ♪ listen to me, baby, that's all you've got to do ♪ ♪ abc ♪ it's easy as one, two, three ♪ hey, it's me -- water.
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well, the run-up to the oscars sunday on abc inspired a lot of curiosity this week and a whole lot of searches on yahoo. >> indeed. consumer reaction to the skyrocketing price of gas was another big topic, as you can imagine. yahoo's web life editor heather cabot has the details. good morning to you, heather. >> good morning, guys. with gas prices creeping up to the dreaded $4 a gallon mark, web users are hot on the story. this week on yahoo searches for fuel prices soared up 929%. >> they just raised the prices right now. >> lookups for gas prices by zip code are huge right now as people hunt down cheap gas in their neighborhoods. the states searching most for deals are indiana, north dakota, minnesota, florida, and nebraska. and consumers are also looking for new cars with better gas mileage. in the last seven days we've seen increased interest in
3:45 am
hybrid car models including the ford escape, ford fusion, honda civic, and toyota camry and highlander. queries for natural gas vehicles are also spiking too. in other news this week apple and china, while excitement builds around the possible release of the ipad 3 next month, apple customers are concerned about how the devices are made. "nightline's" report about foxconn, the chinese factory that manufactures ipads, generated huge interest this week. lookups for chinese apple ipad are up more than 3,000% right now. and it is oscar weekend, and the web is bubbling with predictions about the winners and of course what they will wear. yahoo users want to know more about supporting actor and actress nominees. jonah hill and melissa mccarthy are getting the most searches this week in that category. check out the latest on the 84th academy awards at and finally, if you haven't read the hunger games trilogy, it may be time to get to it.
3:46 am
the upcoming movie adaptation of the goth young adult series promises to be as big as "twilight." the film is coming out next month, and yahoo users cannot wait. they are hunting down everything from "hunger games" nail polish to jewelry to clothing and hairstyles. that's your week in search, guys. have a great weekend. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot there, heather. stuff trending right now on yahoo, apparently kathy ireland's trending right now because they have proclaimed her the richest supermodel on the planet right now. from her swimsuit illustrated days -- or you know what i'm saying, the swimsuit days. and her furniture line. doesn't she have a clothing line? >> i think it's at k-mart. i believe. >> something. apparently it's doing well. also howard stern trending now too because he's the new judge on "america's got talent." so just a little taste of what people are searching for. all right. well, coming up, new accusations involving one of my least favorite people, chris brown. >> i know how you feel. and more outrage after whitney houston's memorial. we'll have all that and more coming up next in your "skinny." tney houston's memorial.
3:47 am
we'll have all that and more coming up next in your "skinny."
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny
3:49 am
welcome back, everybody. more fallout from whitney houston's memorial. this one involving the "national enquirer." you may have already heard this story earlier this week. but on wednesday apparently what the newspaper published was a photo of whitney houston in her casket from the private family viewing that took place the day before -- >> tacky. >> -- the funeral here. no one knows who posted this. we're obviously not going to show it here. but this again was taken during the private viewing. it apparently shows her, or claims the newspaper, she was buried in half a million dollars' worth of jewels and gold slippers on her feet according to the newspaper, along with the purple dress she was wearing, a broach pinned to her dress, apparently some sparkly earrings as well. it prompted a pretty nasty backlash on twitter and facebook, people calling this subhuman and tasteless and so on and so forth. but the thing is as celebrities go, hate it or love it or whatever, there's money in those things.
3:50 am
so whoever was in that private -- the private viewing, not the big event on saturday -- >> which was close family and friends. >> family and friend. someone took that picture and probably got paid a lot of money for that photo. pretty disgusting. pretty tasteless. let the woman rest in peace finally. but someone's always cashing in when you're famous. it's sad. >> speaking of tasteless, chris brown. >> your favorite celebrity. >> not a fan. >> so he's apparently under investigation in south florida for an incident that happened over the weekend. keep in mind, he's still on probation for beating rihanna. but the incident happened at a club early sunday. a woman approached him. he was in a bentley getting ready to leave with some friends. she wanted to snap a photo with her iphone. he reached out, grabbed it, and said b-i-t whatever, fill in the blanks, "you ain't going to put that on no website," and took it. now he could face serious repercussions if it leads to a criminal complaint. keep in mind last march he blew up on the set of gma, tore off his shirt, trashed a dressing room after that interview. and now friends of chris brown and rihanna, because we're hearing there's a potential reconciliation going on, we know they've collaborated on a couple
3:51 am
songs, tmz are reporting sources trying to keep them apart. chris has strong feelings for her. she's head over heels for him. as one source said, you can't hold back love and you can't hold back his backhand. she is playing with fire. he punched her, choked her, and bit her. playing with fire, rihanna. >> i agree with that. i think he's a very talented guy but some anger management is an issue. it sounds like he needs some better people around him i think. a lot going on there. rihanna's taking a big risk. speaking of risks, let's get back to everyone's favorite talentless debutante here. paris hilton apparently has released -- >> there are so many of them. >> so many. has released a new video for her song "drunk text."
3:52 am
actually, copies have been released. they're trying to figure out who did it. one of the great lyrics here, "he asked me if he can text me after the club. he hands me another shot of vodka and i say sure. i'm too lazy to type so i send a photo i took up a dancer's skirt." here's paris in all her glory in her new video. >> so talented. ♪ and i didn't want to apologize ♪ ♪ it was just a drunk text i'm gonna...use these. ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] unlike mops, swiffer can maneuver into tight spaces without the hassle and its wet mopping cloths can clean better in half the time, so you don't miss a thing. mom? ahhhh! ahhhh! no it's mommy! [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day,
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3:55 am
...would rather forget. [ ringing continues ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the music they play when they want to cut you off. along with the oscars this sunday we thought we'd run through our uneducated picks for best film, best actor, and best actress awards. me and you going head to head. >> very good description there. so martin scorsese's "hugo" is the surprise leader of the 2012 academy awards nominations with 11 nods including best picture. so rob, who do you think's going to bring home the gold for best picture? >> best picture, i'm going to pick an underdog here. there are all the nominees, all nine of them here. i think "the help" is going to surprise people and take home the trophy. i think there's such a buzz and people so love the book and love
3:56 am
the movie, i think you're going to see a surprise winner here, and i think "the help's" going to take home the big prize. >> my best picture pick, i can't say it because it's a silent film. >> you're clever. she's so clever. >> "the artist." i'm going to go with it. that's the hot film. >> that's your pick. you're standing by that? >> mm. >> it seems to be the favorite going into it, "the artist" or hugo. >> mm-hmm. >> that's all she's going to say about it. all right. smart man, john. all right. best actor now here. this maybe the only thing we tend to agree on here. there are the nominees. i'm saying george clooney's going to win, walk home with the trophy. can i just say this? thought, i don't understand what people are raving about.this,ith good, i thowas away like the r thought -- had made me think itw
3:57 am
but i think he's going to win eauss theoy o >> a lot of tmthaow i happens. understand as no just because he's hot. i didn't see the movie. and also best actress now. we differ again on this category too. so the best actress nominees this year in terms of what we want to have. i want to go with i think the sentimental favorite this year is viola davis from "the help," sentimental favorite this year is viola davis from "the help," this could be her year and her big breakthrough in holly >> i can't bet against me streep. mrs. oscar for her depiction of margaret thatcher in "the iron lady." so i'm going with meryl. >> and i think the race is -- you listen to all the analysts, they say the race really is between these two ladies. so one of us probably is very, very right. and what is our bet? so when we -- >> something food-related. >> how about something -- >> let's send it to facebook. >> send it to facebook. >> they can determine.ababababab
3:58 am
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